Dan Ecklund & Vincent Dammai Comment on My Post on Dammai’s Plea Deal to Stem Cell Charges

I recently did a post on a plea deal by Dr. Vincent Dammai of South Carolina on federal charges related to non-compliant stem cell therapies.

Ecklund Stem-Cell-Fraud-60-Minutes1

Reportedly, according to the Feds and numerous news outlets, there were other defendants charged in the case overall as well.

Within a relatively short time of the post going up on this blog it received two particularly notable comments including one from Dan Ecklund, who was himself the target of an expose 60 Minutes episode on questionable stem cell treatments, and another from Dammai himself.

Ecklund had kind things to say about another one of the defendants, Fredda Branyon:

Fredda Branyon is one of the kindest, sweetest, most caring human beings I have ever met. I do think that she was a licensed physician in Arizona, contrary to what you say. I have met her at several medical conferences, in the US and in other countries. She certainly bent over backwards to provide the opportunity of a possibly effective treatment for her patients. I did not know she was doing any of this in the US, I did know that she was working with a laboratory in Mexico to process cells for her.


It is so sad that people who MAY have treatments for different disorders are prevented from openly and honestly entering into medical trials. Instead, the system gets what it wants: criminal trials.

Dammai let me have it angrily for my post:

Don’t walk with your head up your ass, Paul. Wait for the plea agreement, read it and then let go of your low-life crap. I hope you don’t publish your research studies based on writings by half-wits.

What can I say?

I find it interesting how wide a readership this blog has.