July 6, 2020

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The FDA has issued a warning letter to Cell Vitals, a company that manufactures and sells stem cell facial creams. Cell Vitals is apparently owned by Irene Hardy according to the letter and the business has an address in Irvine, CA. A screenshot from their website is shown below. The stem cell creams sold by Cell Vitals are called “ReLuma Advanced Stem Cell Facial Moisturizer”, “ReLuma Skin Illuminating Stem Cell Anti-Aging Cleanser”, and “ReLuma Stem Cell Eye Cream”. The creams, listed on the skin care webpage of the company, …Read More

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The FDA continues to be very active with warning letters against makers of stem cell cosmetics even as it has been relatively dormant on stem cell clinics. You can read past posts on the long series of warning letters to manufacturers of stem cell cosmetic cream. Three new warning letters to stem cell cream makers popped up on the FDA site recently to makers Lavian Ltd, Sircuit Skin, and Annemarie Gianni Skin Care LLC. Lavian markets something called Resurgent Stem Cell Firming Activator, which the …Read More

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The FDA has taken another action against a manufacturer of stem cell cosmetics in the form of anti-aging creams with a warning letter sent on April 20, 2016 to Crescent Health Center, Inc. The FDA noted a number of issues in the warning letter that it termed “serious violations”, but the biggest issue was that the agency defined the anti-aging creams as unapproved drugs. The stem cell cosmetics in question are called “Ageless Derma Stem Cell and Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Cream” and “Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener Cream”. …Read More

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What’s the deal with Nordstrom and stem cells? Are they going to rename themselves “Nordstem”? I grew up in Bellevue, WA, home of the Nordstrom’s family and of the Nordstrom department store chain. I believe the flagship store was just across Lake Washington in Seattle. I don’t like shopping as perhaps most guys feel, but relatively speaking I always liked “Nordstrom’s” as we called it compared to other clothing stores. It’s a nice place and they had and have treats. Sometimes they have people …Read More